(detta var ett tal jag hade i skolan, jag skapade det själv. FICK MVG!!!)

Love is the strongest thing in the whole world. Think about it. Nothing is stronger, because with love we can change the world.

You must understand that I mean any kind of love but the strongest is the love a mother has to her child. Motherhood.
A mother can make almost everything for its child. When the love is strongest and most needed a mother can get almost overnatural powers because of its love.

Love makes you kind, love does so you care about others, and not only yourself. But you cant love anybody else if you don’t love yourself.

I want more love. If we had more love in the world. It would be a much better world for us all to live in. There wouldt be war, no fights, no need for polices, no child abuses, no manipulation and no hate.

LOVE IS POWER I want to change the world. But I cant do it myself. its very hard for me to change the world if everybody is satisfied with all the greed and hate in the world.
We must wake up and see how the world really is. Is it good the way it is now? No! we must give up our ego and help others, we must show love. If we show love, we are going to get power, power over the bad and the hate.
Like I said, love is stronger, love is power.

When somebody falls to the ground, why does it takes time for someone to help, everybody should feel the responsibility to help. We are not born bad, we are born to make good and be good. How come we don’t care?
You think that when you don’t care, you don’t do anything bad.
But its bad. When you don’t feel or show love for people.
Everybody is the same, same as you and me, no matter what color , where we are, where we are FROM.
So when you think about Iraq, and about the Arabic people how lives there, and the united states come to fight against them, we must protest, we cant accept war, we cant accept it.

But we do.

No one is protesting against it. If you judge and think that everybody in Iraq is terrorist, you are wrong, you have been manipulated to think that you think right. Because the state has the power to choose for you, rights and wrong. But think again, LOVE IS POWER, not war. War is greed.

The state makes you feel better and satisfied if you think that everybody in the world, all the other countries are bad.
Then they get the power, they want your love, and then they have power.
Power is love. Love is power.

If you show the right love, love for the people, not for the state and the rules and politics and war. That’s hate.
Hate is making the world go under.
We don’t love the earth, we don’t love the ground we walks on, we don’t love the green grass the yellow sun, the colorful flowers, the harmful animals.
We must love it.

Or do you want an atom bomb to destroy everything beautiful and your home? Do you want to kill all the birds that sings in the morning. So when you wake up the ground is all black and the sky all grey because of everything we have destroyed?

Show everything love, nature, people the animals.
Don’t make yourself proud, over something bad. Make yourself proud over the love you give. When the love grows bigger, the power to the people will be bigger.
Our power to change the world will be huge/b>.


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